Help us collect Sainsbury’s Active Kids vouchers!

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The Sainsbury’s Active Kids 2013 campaign is under way and we at 25th Stirling (Dunblane) Boys’ Brigade would love to have your

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help collecting the vouchers when you shop there.

Each year, we are able to use funds raised at other events on all the big expenses because the Sainsbury’s and Tesco voucher schemes allow us to ‘buy’ so much of our sports equipment, outdoor gear, art/craft supplies etc for ‘free’ when you help by collecting so many. This year, there may not be a Tesco scheme, so we’re relying on you even more to help us with Sainsbury’s.

There will be a collection box at the Cathedral Hall until the end of May. You can help us by counting your vouchers and placing them in an envelope stating the amount before you put them in the box if you like! They can also be handed in to any leader or during any Anchor, Junior or Company Section meeting.

Thanks in advance. Please ask your neighbours, friends and family to collect for us as well!

The officers and boys of 25th Stirling (Dunblane)