Annual Display

Everyone is invited to the Annual Display and Prizegiving on Saturday 23rd May at 6.00pm in the Dunblane Centre. Please note the earlier start time this year, which is due to an event in the Dunblane Centre the next morning.

All sections of the Company will fall in and perform a variety of entertainment, showcasing some of the skills and talents they have gained or improved over the session, and they will be inspected by Lieut. Darren Empson, Captain of 1st Tulliallan Coy., The Boys’ Brigade. The BB Band will play during the proceedings to entertain you during changeover times and the prizeigiving and awards ceremony will feature 11 Queen’s Badges and 19 President’s Badges, as well as several Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards at bronze, silver and gold levels.

Refreshments will be served in the cafe area of the Dunblane Centre afterwards, at around 9.00pm. All are welcome to join us for this evening of celebration and acknowledgement of the achievements of 190 boys. Boys themselves must arrive before 5.30pm in order to be in place for the Company photograph at that time. Copies of the photograph can be ordered online at

For more information, please call 823192 or e-mail via this website ‘contact us’ page. PageLines- bb_dunblane_group_shot.jpg